FLEXITEEK 2G is a synthetic material of swedish manufacturer which imitates the natural teakwood. Due to its characteristics Flexiteek is not only an ideal solution for modern yachts and motor boats decks, but it is also perfect choice for swimming pools, terraces, balconies, and even for table tops.


In our production we use the new generation kind of material FLEXITEEK 2G which is lighter than any other of this type composite. Thanks to it`s new parameters like sun lights reflecting, it heats up less and cools down 30% faster.

It makes that barefoot walking on your deck is a pleasure. Flexiteek has a very good anti-slip properties, which is essential in yachting and swimming pool industry.

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Apart from the exceptional appearance and number of advantages Flexiteek 2G is even more: it is fully recyclable. This is what makes Flexiteek 2G the best material of this kind available on the European market.

Flexiteek deck

Flexiteek deck is a high-tech solution for aesthetic and functional yacht finishing. Thanks to its exceptional natural appearance it constitutes the excellent alternative to wood teak yet it is much cheaper and simpler material in use.It is practically unattended. It doesn’t require the sealing and difficult current maintenance. Doesn’t require any expensive chemicals for cleaning. A soft dishwashing liquid is enough.

The best quality and the permanence are the satisfaction guarantor in long-term of use . Thanks to weather conditions resistance and UV keeps its color and retains anti-skidding properties. Thanks to the wide colour pallet a perfect match of felxiteek deck to the boat character is possible.

We provide with the complete professional service: starting from templates taking to the ready elements assembly.

Stolik Flexiteek

Extremely durable, modern table top made of real teak look alike material. Unlike natural wood requires no maintenance and does not change colour under the salt water or UV rays influence. Ideal on board as well as on the terraces, balconies and gardens.

The table top is fixed to the rustless or aluminium base. Depending on needs we propose telescopic legs or about the fixed height.

We offer realisation the table of any shape and different colors. All parameters: the shape, the dimension, the color and the type of the base are determined individually.

stolik flexitek

Główne zalety pokładu flexiteek:

  • no maintenance required
  • colour change resistant
  • 35% lighter
  • weight: 4,5 kg/m2
  • thickness 5mm only
  • cools 30% faster
  • 100% recyclable
  • noise dampening properties (up to 11 dB)

Flexitek colors (from left):

  • Carbon (grey or white fugue),
  • Off – White (grey or black fugue),
  • Grey (black or white fugue),
  • Scrubbed (black, white and grey fugue),
  • Weathered (black and white fugue),
  • Walnut (white fugue),
  • Bleached (black and white fugue),
  • Teak (black, white and grey fugue).

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